Fiber-Coupled Laser Sources

400-2000nm, Low Cost, High Stability, PM, SM, MM

We produce an extensive selection of benchtop single-mode (SM), multimode (MM), and polarization-maintaining fiber (PM) fiber-coupled laser sources uniquely featuring low cost and high stability,  well suited for testing and applications that require constant laser stable output over a long period of time.  Based on an advanced feedback control circuitry, the laser output is locked for a constant output that is adjustable via a front knob or a computer through a USB connection. The display is proportional to the output power.

  • Ultra-High Output Power Stability 0.05%
  • Cost Effective
  • One Year Warranty
  • Fiber Patch Cables (Sold Separately)
  • Custom Wavelengths Available

Multimode Benchtop Laser Sources (0.5% output power stability)

Single Mode Benchtop Laser Sources (0.5% output power stability)
Broad Band ASE Sources
Fiber Coupled Raman Laser Source (wavelength locked)
High Power Single Mode or Polarization Maintaining 1550nm Laser Sources
Ultra-Narrow Line Width 1550nm Stable Laser