Optical Variable Attenuators

  • SM, Multi-Mode, Polarization Maintaining (PM)
  • All Types: MEMS, Electro-Optical, Optomechanical
  • Ultra-Low Loss  (0.2dB)
  • High Attenuation (>65dB)
  • All Wavelengths (200nm to 3000nm)
  • All Fiber Types (3 μm to 900 μm core, double cladding)
  • Ultra-High-Speed (100ns)
  • High Optical Power ( up to 20W CW)
  • Low Drive Voltage <5V
  • Wide Operation Temperature (-40Co to 85Co)
  • Ultra-High Reliability (full space, mill-spec qualifications)
  • Smallest Size
  • Vibration Insensitive
  • Competitive Price
  • Turn-Key Modules and Unsurpassed Customer Solutions
  • Large Core (up to 1mm ф)
  • Programmable

Photonwares offers the largest selection of variable optical attenuators (VOAs) having the best performance unmatched in the industry.  Our MEMS VOAs offer the smallest size, largest attenuation level, and ultra-high reliability with a unique thermal actuation.  Our Fiber-Fiber™ MEMS series VOAs offer unique performances of near-lossless, ultra-broadband, and all type fiber compatibility.  Our high-precision VOAs have a built-in position sensor achieving high stability/repeatability as well as linearity. For high-speed operation, our solid-state NanoSpeed™ VOAs set an industry-standard in low loss and fast rise/fall, as well as high power handling. We are a leading volume manufacturer of fiber optical attenuators providing industrial leading performances and values. Our VOAs are Telcordia standard GR1221 qualified. Photonwares provides customized designs as well as module integration with full function and control.

Fiber Optical Variable Attenuator Selection Guide by Applications
MEMS Fiber-Fiber™
Fiber-Fiber™ MEMS
High Speed NanoSpeed™
High Power
NanoSpeed™ Fiber-Fiber™
Vibration Insensitive
Mini Size MEMS
Ultra-Low Loss       <0.2dB Fiber-Fiber™
Ultra-Broad Wavelength      0.3 ~ 3μm
Large Core Fiber
Short Wavelengths Fiber-Fiber™
Low Coherent Lights Fiber-Fiber™
High Attenuation >60dB Fiber-Fiber™ MEMS