Optical Tap Monitors

Photonwares’ Series 200 Optical Tap Power Monitors are used for in-line measurement of power in optical fiber, offering cost, size, and performance advantages over competing technologies. It utilizes a patent pending technology that tap light out of a continuous transmitting fiber onto an integral detector without the need for fiber bending, lenses, or cladding layer machining. This provides exceptional attributes in very low optical loss, ultra-high reliability, little back-reflection, and directionality to >30 dB, as well we high optical power handling capability. They are available in virtually all type of single mode and multimode fibers, as well as a wide range of PM fiber types, meeting the most demanding power measurement applications. These GR-468 Telcordia qualified devices are used in 40G and 100G optical transport systems, as well as in high power lasers, test instruments, and other applications.