Agiltron is leveraging nearly three decades of expertise in optics technology and success in high-volume manufacturing to change the communications of tomorrow. Explore some of the markets benefiting from the use of optics.

optoelectronic device telecom


Providing industry-leading solutions for fiber optical switches, attenuations, tunable filters, and more.

optoelectronic device fiber laser

Fiber Laser

Producing high performance fiber optical isolators of broad band operation and high power handling.

optoelectronic device undersea

Undersea Link

Producing ultra-high reliability switches.

optoelectronic device aerospace


Producing aerospace-qualified fiber optic components.

optoelectronic device sensing


Providing best-in-class fiber inline monitors, all-fiber electric field sensors, customer receivers/transmitters.

optoelectronic device optical det

Optical Chemical Detection

Providing the cutting-edge optical detection technology of Raman spectrometry.