Step Index Multimode Fiber

  • All glass materials
  • Low loss
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability



Photonwares silica cladding multimode fiber with step index profile are manufactured with the advanced plasma activated chemical vapor deposition method. This fiber can be customized with different fiber designs, including core and cladding diameter as well as NA.  This fiber provides excellent geometrical, optical, environmental and mechanic properties. Especially, it is suitable for high power delivery.


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Fiber Type 105/125 200/220 400/440 Unit
Optical properties
 Numerical Aperture 0.22±0.02 0.22±0.02 0.22±0.02 dB
Geometrical properties
Core diameter 105.0±2.0 200.0±5.0 400.0±8.0 µm
Cladding diameter 125.0±2.0 220.0±5.0 440.0±8.0 µm
Coating diameter 250.0±10.0 500.0±20.0 730.0±30.0 µm
Core/cladding concentricity ≤3       ≤3 ≤3 µm
Material Composition
Core Pure or Ge/Fe doped Silica Glass
Cladding Pure or Ge/Fe doped Silica Glass
Coating Dual-layer UV-carylate or EFFE
Mechanic Properties
Proof Test Level 100 kpsi